sabato 24 dicembre 2016

Merry Christmas

Mr. Satan and KkTeam wish you all a Happy Christmas.
- See the video for a download link ;) -

martedì 11 ottobre 2016

Tutorial: How to install big images.

Tools/Programs/Things we need for this tutorial:
-The ISO of the game
-DkZ Studio (click here for download)
-Table of images names for NTSC and PAL games (see the bottom of the post).
-A tool able to extract ISO files (like WinRar, 7Zip, Explorer from Windows 10, etc...)
-A tool able to create ISO files from folders (like ImgBurn)

Let's go
1)Choose the target character. Take note of the name of his image (you can find it in the table above), look at the difference between NTSC and PAL: the name must be related to the version of your ISO.
Note: If you're using Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Version Latino you need a NTSC name.
2)Extract the archive i put for download and rename the .unk file with the name above.
3)Extract your ISO.

4)Go to the destination folder -> DATA. Open PZS3US1.AFS with DkZ Studio.
Now you could see this:

If you can not see the extensions ".unk" you have an original PZS3US1.AFS and you can not continue this tutorial, I'll write a new tutorial for this case.
5)Drag and drop the .unk file of the image to the window of DkZ Studio and accept to overwrite the original image file.
6)Archivo -> Guardar Como....
Save the new .AFS in the same folder of the original one, but with a different name to not overwrite it.Once DkZ Studio finished, go to that folder and delete the old .AFS, then rename the new .AFS with the original name PZS3US1.AFS.
7)Re-create the ISO
 If you want to use ImgBurn follow these images:

Then drag and drop like here

And create a new ISO.

Now you can play the new ISO!


Table of names: click here